Track Attendance without Spreadsheets

TimeForge TimeClock Staff members can clock in or out on the wall mounted or USB fingerprint reader. The attendance punches are then recorded and synced with TimeForge, so you never have to worry about transferring attendance from a clock to a spreadsheet again.

The Advantages of Biometric TimeClocks

TimeForge TimeClock Employees who clock in using their fingerprints cannot clock in other employees. Eliminate buddy punching and sweethearting in your workplace, and only pay employees for the actual time they worked.

TimeClocks Sync with TimeForge

TimeForge TimeClock

TimeForge TimeClocks automatically sync with TimeForge. This simplifies many tasks related to attendance tracking, such as running payroll, which you can do with the click of a button.

Biometric TimeClock Options

TimeForge TimeClock Employers can choose to buy the wall-mounted TimeClock, with its own screen and keypad for employees to use to clock in and out. Or, employers can choose to use a USB fingerprint reader that can connect to any computer with the appropriate TimeForge software installed.

No Internet Issues

TimeForge TimeClock TimeForge TimeClocks work with one specific computer, and upload punches to TimeForge. This means if your internet ever goes out, employees will still be able to clock in and out, and their punches will be sent to TimeForge as soon as the internet is back online.

Unique Employee IDs

TimeForge TimeClock Employees can each be assigned a unique employee ID and password to clock in or out. Log ins are more secure, which prevents employees from accidentally clocking in as someone else.
TimeForge TimeClock

About TimeForge

TimeForge builds the best labor management tools available for the food-service, retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries. This includes employee scheduling, attendance management, and other labor management tools.

TimeForge TimeClock

Customer Feedback

I’ve been really pleased with this latest version of TimeForge. I’m really getting familiar with this program and its become a great time saver! Keep up the good work!

Loren @ Fresh Produce

The Timeforge scheduling system has not only increased our efficiency tremendously; decreased the errors in what is normally an error prone environment; it has also saved us ten times what it costs us each month.

Michael @ Tiara Cafe

Before using TimeForge, creating a schedule took 2 hours. With TimeForge, it takes less than 10 minutes.

Gail @ Kerr Drug