Making a great work schedule, week after week, is one of a managers most important tasks.

A work schedule should do more than tell staff when to work. A great work schedule should add profit to the bottom line without being a painful chore to staff members or management.

TimeForge Scheduling provides flexible, powerful and easy-to-use tools to build and publish an employee schedule, communicate with your staff members, and focus on generating revenue instead of paper-work.

Labor management does not need to consist of paper copy log books, handwritten notes and missing sticky-notes! TimeForge Scheduling allows employees to create work preferences, identifying when the employee wants to work, cannot work, or would prefer not to work. TimeForge Scheduling then balances the employee work requests with staffing requirements and provides feedback to management while creating the staff schedule.

One of the features that makes creating employee schedules with TimeForge Scheduling easier to use and more efficient than other labor management platforms is our daily and weekly schedule graphs. While building an employee schedule, you can easily view a comprehensive graph of the daily, or weekly schedule in an organized, color-coded chart to make scheduling staff members easier than ever.

TimeForge Scheduling is available for staff members and management through the TimeForge employee portal, and on mobile phones such as the iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, and other smart phones. Staff members can swap shifts with other qualified team members, send and receive messages, request time off, review their time card (if using TimeForge Attendance) and much more!

TimeForge data can also be accessed through the use of Social Networking sites, such as Facebook.

With TimeForge Scheduling, you can define overtime rules, wage rules, and break notifications in the software to make sure that the labor schedule is accurate and less likely to land you, and your business, into compliance problems – all while improving the bottom line at your business!

In addition to tracking projected labor costs for upcoming schedules, and providing sales forecasting and budgeting tools, TimeForge Scheduling allows management to anticipate any mandatory break or meal periods during the scheduled shifts.

These regulatory headaches can spell trouble for a business if not properly managed, and TimeForge Scheduling will keeping you racing ahead of your competition and any enforcement agencies. The TimeForge Breaks module allows business owners to:

  • Specify breaks based on hours worked, position, or duration of work scheduled.
  • Automatically schedule and stagger breaks for every scheduled shift using the AutoScheduler™
  • Budget, schedule, and manage both paid and unpaid, and optional and required breaks.

TimeForge Scheduling will have you creating employee schedules in a fraction of the time that you currently spend wrangling Excel spreadsheets, sticky notes, and requests for time off.

On average, it takes hospitality managers more than two hours each and every week to build a schedule, and several additional hours throughout the week to manage the schedule shift swaps, new hires, terminations and no shows, changes in anticipated volumes, etc.

Over 10% of a managers time can be spent managing the schedule, and errors are common and costly. To facilitate quick, error-free scheduling, TimeForge gives you the option to create open shifts, bid shifts, and schedule using our AutoScheduler™.

  • “Open” shifts are not visible to non-management staff members and are placeholders for work when you haven’t decided which employee to assign.
  • Placing a shift up for “Bid” gives management the ability to make the shift visible to staff members who can then bid on the shift, in an auction-like scenario. TimeForge Bid Shifts allow staff members to build their own schedule, saving you from the hassle of assigning staff members to every shift.
  • The TimeForge AutoScheduler is an automated scheduling solution with artificial intelligence that provides managers with the ability to let the software do the scheduling for them. All you have to do to is select the shift and time that needs to be filled, and TimeForge will automatically reassign the shift to a qualified staff member.

Additionally, if your business uses a compatible Point of Sale or Property Management System, TimeForge can synchronize information such as positions, job codes, and employees between TimeForge and your POS / PMS. Other data, such as gross sales, covers, and attendance can also be synchronized between the two platforms ensuring that the details of your day-to-day operations can be viewed securely over the web, by qualified personnel.

TimeForge Scheduling makes quick work of your labor schedule and allows management to focus on the important things, like running the business.

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