TimeForge Scheduling is the best labor scheduling tool available for restaurants, retail businesses, hotels, motels, and other businesses involved in the hospitality, retail, and food-service industries. Whatever your needs may be, TimeForge Employee Schedule software can accommodate them.

Stop using Microsoft Excel, and start communicating with staff! Experience all of the scheduler benefits TimeForge has to offer!

Notify Employees

Employees will always know when they need to work! TimeForge Scheduling can email schedules to employees on a daily basis, and send text message reminders to their cell phones hours before they actually work. Employees can also access their schedules by logging onto TimeForge at anytime. Managers are able to see when employees were last notified – no more staff excuses!

Schedule Without Pain

TimeForge Scheduling is a fast Internet application accessible from anywhere in the world. Our proprietary AutoSchedulerâ„¢ system can make a complete schedule in seconds. Managers can generate a complete schedule in just a few minutes. Every TimeForge Scheduling schedule reduces labor costs and increases profits.

Balance Employee Requests

TimeForge Scheduling allows employees to set their day and time shift preferences, request time off or change availability. Employees and managers can update availabilities or create requests with a click of the mouse. TimeForge Scheduling balances all approved schedule requests and uses these preferences to generate the lowest cost schedule possible while keeping employees happy.

Improve Staff Satisfaction

TimeForge Scheduling remembers requests for days off, sick days, vacation requests, shift swapping, and other changes to the schedule. No more losing little pieces of paper or sticky-notes and no more miscommunication with the employees.

Monitor Labor Costs

Reports are important to managing any food-service, hospitality, or retail business. Almost three dozen reports are available, and we are continually adding new reports to help you monitor your labor costs and scheduling trends. Compare theoretical costs to actual costs, see which employees or positions are the largest portion of your labor cost, view work schedules in a fixed layout or grid, observe your business in real time with bar-charts, and much, much more!


Have you ever wanted to send a message to all of your employees at once? Only those employees who are working next week? Maybe you want to remind them about a shirt choice, or a big party coming in that needs to be treated special, or that a new special is running in the local paper. Regardless of your reason, messaging employees can now be done in one-click! The TimeForge Messaging Module provides enhanced messaging to staff members and reports provide employee-level detail on who read the message. Stop making phone calls, let TimeForge Scheduling do the work!

Reduction in Employee Turnover

One of the major reasons for the high turnover in our industry is because managers do not adhere to scheduling requests. TimeForge Scheduling can reduce employee turnover by managing and recording employee schedule requests and changes to employee availability. These changes automatically appear on all schedules, as a constant reminder to management.

Be Notified of Schedule Conflicts

TimeForge Scheduling notifies management of all schedule conflicts that may occur when publishing or posting a schedule for the staff. For instance, if an employee is scheduled during approved time-off, an alert will be shown to the scheduling manager. Additional alerts occur when schedule conflicts could occur between different schedules at the same location, or at multiple locations (for employees who can work at more than one location).

Stop Time Fragmentation

Employee can occupy a lot of manager time when trying to swap shifts. Swapping a single shift could require as many as four phone calls between the employees and management – time that could be spent “on the floor”. Using TimeForge Scheduling, employees can “give up” shifts for other employees to work and “pick up” additional shifts to work. Management must approve or deny the changes to the schedule.

Meal and Break Period Tracking

In many areas (such as California, New York, Florida, parts of Canada, and most of Europe), managers must carefully monitor employee meal and break periods to ensure that employees take the appropriate breaks during their scheduled shifts. In some areas, managers must remember to get employee signatures, proving that breaks were actually given. Failing to follow these regulations will land a business into serious legal trouble. TimeForge Scheduling provides an advanced Break Rule Module which provides meal and break period guidelines for management based on the scheduled shifts for the employees and several reports can be printed to provide necessary documentation. Let TimeForge do the hard work with meal and break period tracking!

Minor and Senior Age Rules

Never again worry about scheduling minors to work! TimeForge Scheduling includes an Age Rule Module that tracks age appropriate rules for all employees, including minimum and maximum hours per week or day, and times that employees are allowed to work (such as weekends during the school year, and weekdays during summer or holiday breaks). TimeForge Scheduling automatically calculate when these employees can or cannot work – and your management staff can set them one time, and not worry about it ever again!

Instant Return On Investment

TimeForge Scheduling has been built from the ground up to ensure a fast Return On Investment for your business. Managers can generate schedules within minutes (not hours), employees are notified of their schedule on a continual basis, and your staff can spend less time on scheduling, and more time on “the floor”, working with employees and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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