TimeForge HR makes quick work of tedious and daunting Human Resource work, including the ongoing paperwork and verification needed for the lifecycle of staff members from pre-hire to termination.

As pre-hire applicants become candidates for jobs within your business, and those candidates advance to employees, who are later terminated or leave your business, a great deal of paperwork follows the employee.

TimeForge Human Resource software will reduce the paperwork hassle for applicant tracking, onboarding processes, and employee retention into a simple and fast point-and-click process. TimeForge tracks both basic information, such as employee demographics, address, emergency contacts, etc.. and more complicated information such as wage histories, staff notes, certification and training expiration, and much more.

The pre-hire and on-boarding processes for a new hire will cost managers and business owners hours of valuable time.

Most businesses must go through the process of collecting resumes and cover letters, applications, assessments, background checks, I-9 and W-4 documents, payroll documentation, insurance forms, staff availability, and other necessary documents such as copies of certifications and previous training verification.

Each document must be collected, reviewed, and archived. Failing to collect these documents will cost valuable time and money later in the employee life cycle.

Use TimeForge Human Resource software to define necessary pre-hire, on-boarding, certifications, and training documents to track staff member information. Some of these documents can be required to be filed before a new hire, or existing staff member, may be scheduled to work. This innovative process allows management to define a standard employment process for the organization ensuring that new and existing staff members complete all necessary documents before they can be scheduled, or clock-in.

The TimeForge employee portal – part of our human resource software – provides self-service for your staff members. Staff members can review time cards, enter availability, check upcoming schedules, read the latest management notes, download important documents and much more! Greatly speed up employee acculturation and reduce management time answering common questions questions with TimeForge HR.

Import, scan, and upload important documents into the TimeForge Daily Log, a powerful manager log software. Documents can be reserved for management viewing only, or can be shared with staff members for easy communication of the latest news. The employee portal facilitates the sending of important and relevant notes, messages, and documents to staff members.

Track certifications, qualifications, and training performed by staff members. TimeForge HR allows savvy managers to create requirements specific to each job class, or for every staff member.

Management can mandate training and certifications from a corporate level, or provide oversight to individual store managers. TimeForge HR will prevent unqualified staff members from being scheduled or even clocking in!

Record notes about each staff member and eliminate the file-folders laying around your back office and cluttering up your desk. With TimeForge HR, managers can record notes about each staff member, including raise requests, outstanding performance, customer comments, or disciplinary actions. All notes are recorded into the employees electronic file, and can be reviewed or searched at any time.

Use TimeForge HR to scan and upload documents directly into any employees electronic file, including resumes, assessments, background checks, ongoing training items, or any other business documents. Documents are retrievable from any location, forever. No more searching for relevant paperwork!

Additional functionality inside of TimeForge HR includes:

  • Track Sick, Vacation, PTO, and other Benefits for employees 
  • Receive automatic reminders when certifications or training need to be renewed
  • Staff portal allows staff to make availability and request changes for manager approval
  • Specify re-hire eligibility for terminated staff members, and more!

As operations managers and HR professionals know, managing human capital can be a time consuming process.

TimeForge HR makes quick work of the paperwork so you can focus on the other aspects of your job.

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