TimeForge HR is an easy-to-use, online human resource product that allows managers and business owners to add an employee, change their work availability, and upload documents to TimeForge. Our automated processes make the onboarding of new personnel and ongoing HR maintenance of staff members faster and more convenient than any other software product, or paper HR process.

Add New Employees

Without TimeForge, preparing a new employee for work can be a time-consuming and difficult process. With TimeForge, getting a new employee ready for scheduling or tracking time is as simple as entering the employee’s basic information, and clicking “Save”. TimeForge HR will have you onboarding new staff in minutes, not hours, saving you valuable time and money!

Allow New Employees to Enter Their Own Information

Simply enter an employee’s e-mail address into TimeForge and the software will automatically e-mail the employee instructions on how to log-in to TimeForge, check upcoming schedules, enter requests for time off, edit their availability and much more greatly speeding up the onboarding process within your organization.

Never Search for Paperwork Again

Upload and digitally store staff and corporate documents directly in TimeForge, such as resumes and cover letters, applications, assessments, background checks, and I-9 and W-4 documents. You can also store payroll documentation, insurance forms, and other necessary documents such as copies of certifications and previous training verification. As an added perk, TimeForge will notify you and other managers when documents need to be renewed or resubmitted.

Avoid Costly Legal Repercussions

In many localities, there can be costly legal repercussions for failing to keep records on file and easily accessible. With TimeForge, you can require that newly hired staff must have the correct pre-hire and onboarding documents on file before the new hire is allowed to clock in or can be scheduled to work.

Manage Employee Leave With Ease

TimeForge will automatically calculate HR benefits for staff members, such as Paid Time Off, Sick Leave, Vacation Time, Jury Leave, and other benefits, based on the guidelines and rules you set up. Setting the amount of hours an employee must work before they’re eligible to receive benefits can be done with a few simple clicks, and employees will be able to view their accumulated benefits on their time card.

View Time Cards

With TimeForge HR and TimeForge Attendance combined together, employees can view a comprehensive attendance page with their work hours, shift-by-shift with their earned pay. This is helpful to management because it allows employees to spot any errors or discrepancies before you have to worry about payroll.

One-Click Hiring and Firing

Not only can you hire or terminate an employee with the click of a button within TimeForge, but you can specify whether a terminated employee is eligible for re-hire. TimeForge HR will record when managers rehire ineligible staff members, for review at a later date.

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