Good communication, essential to the success of any business, is often the telling difference between profitable or struggling companies. The differences are often more apparent in industries where different shifts and multiple locations complicate communications. TimeForge Daily Log is a online logging tool that helps organizations communicate efficiently and increase awareness despite the challenges of modern business complexities.

Over the past years, paper has been the primary medium on which events were logged, however, the limitations of paper log books are obvious. Scheduling, human resource tasks, upcoming maintenance events, management meetings, and other necessary items across multiple shifts (where the manager or staff member that created the event may not be the person responsible for the event) quickly steamroll into a management nightmare – and, as your business grows, keeping up with the pile of paperwork and small sticky-notes can quickly become impossible.

Many businesses tackle the tornado of paper and notes by raiding the local office supply store of lab notebooks, 3-ring binders, and other similar products. While these paper products are inexpensive, the disadvantages are many:

  • Paper products will tear and deteriorate with any mild abuse. Pen/pencil writing can be smudged or rendered illegible by spilling a drink, or with wet hands.
  • Searching through paper notebooks for historical data is often impossible and important documentation can go missing
  • Multiple location/store operators have no insight into the day-to-day operations of individual locations without faxing and scanning pages back and forth. Easy Internet access to the logs means that operational knowledge is shared across shifts and locations.

In most cases, the paper log/transition/shift book is simply insufficient for modern businesses. The TimeForge Daily Log is a modern solution to organize the notes and to do tasks at your business. Increase profits at your business while

improving staff communication!

Information about your business can be recorded and reviewed in a single, easy-touse online log book. The Daily Log presents powerful information, organized the way that you work. Notes can be recorded in the Staff Log (viewable by staff), the Manager Log (viewable only by managers), or both. For example, managers can log equipment problems and other factors that require maintenance attention, or log any leftovers or unused food, among other things. Also, since TimeForge is an online program, information can be reviewed from anywhere, no need to fax pages of the book all over the country.

The TimeForge Daily Log always remembers who made entries in the logbook, and when the note was made. Audit trails for common Human Resources issues (such as staff reviews) are easily available. Notes cannot be removed or edited once they are added to the Daily Log – records are stored forever and can be easily found from any Internet-enabled computer while logged into your TimeForge account.

Categorize notes as “Important” ¬†for viewing by staff, management, or both, to guarantee that they will remain visible at the top of the page for as long as you deem necessary. For example, if a meeting or training session is coming up, you can add it to the Important Notes section for the staff/management to view when logged into TimeForge. Then, after the training is complete, simply remove that note from the important section. This ensures that staff/management never miss another important memo! You can even attach documents such as seasonal menus, employee handbooks, and more to be sure that employees will always have an electronic copy of any important reference material.

As managers know, employees often forget to clock in/out and can make frequent attendance mistakes. Manually making changes to dozens or hundreds of time cards is a long and grueling task that often results in numerous errors you cannot afford. With TimeForge’s easy-to-use Audit Log (part of the Daily Log), spotting changed time cards, modified schedules, or other changes that affect your business will take only a few minutes, not hours of digging through documents.

With the TimeForge Daily Log, you no longer need to read every single page of the coffee-stained communication logs, looking for the note you think was made between the first and the last of the previous month.

Entries in the Daily Log can be searched and sorted by category, date range, the employee that the note pertains to, and by the user who created the note. You can also tag notes with categories, such as “bar”, “maintenance”, “servers”, “daily deposit”, or whatever makes sense for your business, for easily categorization and quick searching.

Locating specific entries has never been easier.

Manager communications are simple and easily located, key performance indicators can be recorded in a single click, and daily communications at your business keep everyone in the loop improving profits for your business! TimeForge makes recording liability information, such as sick customers, employee accidents, and other necessary notes easy and simple to maintain.

With TimeForge Daily Log, management can keep staff members in the loop, while keeping business records in an easy to find, secure, and quickly searchable format.

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