TimeForge Daily Log is the best communications tool available for restaurants, retail businesses, hotels, motels, and other businesses involved in the hospitality, retail, and food-service industries. Whatever your needs are, TimeForge Daily Log can accommodate them.

Increase profits at your business while improving staff communication and key performance indicator monitoring!

Easily Organize Your Daily Log

Information about your business can be recorded and reviewed the way you want it – in a single and easy-to-use online log book. If you want to record notes about “Sales”  – that’s fine. If you want to have separate notes for “Morning Sales” and “Evening Sales” – that’s also fine. The Daily Log presents powerful information organized the way that you work. And, because it’s Internet enabled it can be reviewed from anywhere, no need to fax pages of the book all over the country.

Automatically Record Dates, Times, and Users

The TimeForge Daily Log always remembers who made entries in the logbook, and when the note was made. Audit trails for liability issues (such as staff reviews) are easily available. Notes cannot be removed or edited once they are added to the Daily Log records are store forever and can be easily found from any Internet-enabled computer.

Quickly Search Notes for Information

With TimeForge Daily Log, you can stop reading every single page of the coffee stained communication logs looking for the note you think was made in between the first and the last of the month. Entries in the Daily Log can be searched and sorted by category, date range, numerical value, and by the user who created the note. Locating specific entries has never been easier no more wasted time reading old communication logs.

Always Easy to Read

Notes in the TimeForge Daily Log are typed – not written. This means that there are no more spelling or handwriting issues with staff members. Every note is easily read and can be printed when necessary.

Instant Return On Investment

TimeForge Daily Log is built from the ground up to ensure a fast Return On Investment for your business. Manager communications are simple and easily located, key performance indicators can be recorded in a single click, and daily communications at your business keep everyone ‘in the loop‘ – improving profits for your business.

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