Managing the ongoing labor costs week after week, is one of the most time-consuming responsibilities that a manager must perform. Time cards must accurately reflect the time actually worked for payroll to be correct, and staff are notorious for showing up early, leaving late, or having friends and co-workers “buddy punch” them in at work. Staff members and management are commonly unaware of how many hours each employee has worked until after the pay period often creating payroll and overtime headaches. If not managed properly, poor time and attendance practices can quickly lead to missed budgets and sinking profitability.

TimeForge Attendance dramatically reduces the time burden on management for maintaining time-and-attendance records and controlling employee clock-in and clock-out times. TimeForge Attendance is an easy-to-use replacement for your traditional paper time punch, or the limited punch in/out platform included with many Point of Sale (POS) systems. TimeForge easily manages staff time cards, employee attendance, and allows for one-click exports to payroll processing.

Use TimeForge Attendance independently as a powerful webbased time keeping solution, or combine it with other TimeForge products as a comprehensive workforce management answer to your labor management tasks. If your Point of Sale system records time punches for staff members, TimeForge Attendance can provide a centralized labor management platform with single point-and-click payroll exports and overtime alerting.

TimeForge is an easy to use workforce management solution for your business, and includes many powerful features designed to improve your business.

Using TimeForge Attendance, staff members are able to clock in or out from any Internet-enabled computer, or only from those computers that are allowed for employee time tracking.

With a single click, management can easily identify which employees are currently clocked in, and can monitor the labor costs for the current day or week. TimeForge Attendance automatically calculates overtime for staff members, including time-and-a-half, double-time, and California overtime for employees governed by California labor laws.

In the case of a forgotten punch, TimeForge Attendance provides quick and easy editing of employee time sheets by qualified management users. Labor hours and costs can be broken down by day, or by employee, within a pay period. Payroll is easily reviewed either by staff member, or by date, and can be exported to many popular payroll providers with a single click, taking the headache out of processing and exporting payroll.

TimeForge Attendance’s unique and proprietary “Most Different” payroll export screens will notify managers of time punches that are different from others in the same pay period. As you process and approve payroll, TimeForge automatically identifies irregular time punches and ranks each shift based on how different the shift is from the other staff members time punches. Managers and payroll supervisors can use the “Most Different” field to quickly identify potential problems before approving checks for staff members.

Any and all modifications to time punch entries are recorded automatically for later review, if necessary. Changes are cataloged in the TimeForge Daily Log, including the date and time of the change, the responsible manager, and the original entry. TimeForge Attendance will reduce fraud at your business, and can help identify potential legal compliance issues immediately – saving you from incurring potential fines and legal costs.

Biometric fingerprint scanning within TimeForge can further reduce fraudulent time punches. TimeForge allows employees to clock in using their username and password, through a compatible Point of Sale system, or with a compatible fingerprint scanning device. This type of staff member verification immediately eliminates buddy punching within the work place, saving you unearned payroll dollars while producing additional profits at your business.

TimeForge Attendance provides electronic employee time cards for staff members and managers to review at their convenience. Using the employee portal, staff members can log into TimeForge and review upcoming pay periods and notify management of possible problems before the pay period has been closed and checks have been cut. Use TimeForge Attendance to reduce paperwork errors and staff frustration, while improving profitability.

Using TimeForge, employers can manage time and attendance across many locations, a single location or by specific departments – a feature that simplifies the complexities of managing many staff members and/or store locations. You can browse and edit staff time sheets based on the department that requires review.

If your business uses rounding rules for employee clock-in and clock-out times, TimeForge Attendance can automatically round those times. TimeForge can automatically round employee time cards to the nearest 5-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute time period.

Additional TimeForge Attendance functionality includes:

  • Automatically clock staff in or out based on their labor schedule
  • Manage employee breaks, including paid/unpaid and required/optional
  • Management reminders when staff are early or late, fail to take required breaks, or approach OT
  • Easily review time punches by date, employee, or department
  • Disable staff member clock in capabilities when certification or training is not complete, or has expired.

Your staff members early clock-ins and late clock-outs can quickly waste budgeted payroll dollars, reducing profitability for the business. When combined with TimeForge Scheduling, TimeForge can enforce your labor schedule and stop employees from riding the clock (clocking in early or clocking out late).

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