TimeForge Attendance is the best time tracking tool available for restaurants, retail businesses, hotels, motels, and other businesses involved in the hospitality, retail, and food-service industries. Whatever your needs are, TimeForge Attendance can accommodate them.

Increase profits at your business while tightly monitoring and controlling labor costs!

Track Time Without Pain

Staff members can clock in from any Internet enabled computer, or only from those computers that are allowed for employee attendance. With a single click, management can check which employees are currently clocked in, and monitor the labor costs for the day or week. TimeForge Attendance automatically calculates overtime for employees including time-and-a-half, double-time, and California overtime.

Record Tips, Mileage, and Other Notes

Unlike many other tools, TimeForge Attendance records clock-in and clock-out times as well as other key metrics that are important to retail, food-service, or hospitality businesses. For example, TimeForge Attendance can also record tips for employees – ideal for waiters, servers, concierges, or hotel clerks. Mileage for delivery drivers, couriers, and other employees can be recorded by staff and reviewed by managers. Employees can also record a short note at the end of their shift.

Easily Edit TimeSheets

TimeForge Attendance provides quick and easy editing of timesheets by managers – for cases when staff members forget to clock in or out. Timesheets can be viewed by employees using the employee portal. Payroll costs can be reviewed by employee and by date, and can be quickly and easily exported to popular payroll programs such as Quickbooks, CompuPay, ADP, PayCycle, and Paychex.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanning

By default, employees can clock in and out of TimeForge Attendance using their username (most commonly an email address) and password. TimeForge Attendance also offers fingerprint scanning as a more secure and fast method for employees to clock in and out. TimeForge has partnered with M2SYS to provide fingerprint scanning delivering fast employee identification and eliminating buddy punching while reducing payroll costs.

Enforce the Labor Schedule

Early clock-ins and late clock-outs by staff members can quickly eat up budgeted payroll dollars, reducing profitability for the business. TimeForge Attendance can enforce any labor schedule created by TimeForge Scheduling, requiring that employees clock in at the correct time and eliminating early employee clock-ins. Immediately improve the profitability of your business!

Rounding of Time and Attendance

Does your business use rounding rules for employees clocking in and out? If so, TimeForge Attendance can automatically round staff member clock-in and clock-out times. TimeForge can automatically round employee time cards to the nearest 5-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute time period.

Time Clock Mode

TimeForge Attendance includes a proprietary Time Clock Mode¬†and clocking in and out has never been easier! When activated by a manager, employees simply click on their name to clock in and out. In Time Clock Mode, all of TimeForge’s security settings are available, including passwords and fingerprint scanning. Time Clock Mode is fully compatible with all brands of touch screen computers.

Employee Timecards

TimeForge Attendance provides employee timecards for staff members and managers to review at their leisure. Employees can review their own timecards from anywhere – less paperwork for the management team to do. More profit for your bottom line because of TimeForge Attendance!

Daily Log Audit Trails

The TimeForge Daily Log is a unique product that improves staff communication among managers and employees, provides data analysis capabilities, and improves note taking capabilities. TimeForge Daily Log also records any change made to the schedule (TimeForge Scheduling) or any change made to an employee timecard (TimeForge Attendance). Managers can review these changes, looking for abnormal behavior or potential liability issues.

Instant Return On Investment

TimeForge Attendance is built from the ground up to ensure a fast Return On Investment for your business. Managers keep track of labor costs and generate payroll reports within minutes (not hours), employees can view their own timecards at any time, and your staff spends less time on managing attendance and cutting paychecks, and more time on “the floor”, working with employees and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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