TimeForge Application Tracking System is a great way to easily post jobs through the TimeForge system. It helps the hiring manager by keeping the entire employee hiring process in one central location and provides easy review for any other managers that might be involved.

The TimeForge Job Board

Managers can log into their TimeForge account and post new jobs easily with just a few clicks of the mouse. All they have to enter is some basic information about the job and it’s automatically posted to our TimeForge job board. Plus, TimeForge provides a handy URL to post to Facebook, Twitter or any other job posting websites.

It’s Paperless

Everybody’s going green! It reduces paper waste. It helps save the environment. Plus it saves hiring managers the headache of trying to figure out what paper belongs to what employee in a huge filing cabinet. Having new applicants upload their resume and cover letter directly helps you keep everything in one place without the potential of it getting lost in a stack in the corner.

Set Up Application Steps

Every business is different, so an applicant tracking system is needed that can fit in with how hiring managers go through the employee hiring process. One company might go through a phone interview, an in-person interview and then might offer someone the job. Another company might need to do a phone interview, an in-person interview, a second in-person interview, call the person’s references, and then offer them the position. TimeForge Application Tracking allows hiring managers to define what steps must be completed before offering a job to a new applicant.


TimeForge Application Tracking offers hiring managers the ability to rate potential new hires using a 5-star system. If a hiring manager really like a person and wants to hire them, the applicant can be rated a 5. If the applicant did kind of alright, they can be rated as a 3. If an applicant made a horrible impression and would absolutely never be considered for the job, they can be rated as a 1. This makes it easy to see at a glance what kind of applicants a hiring manager has to choose from.

Application Questionnaire

Hiring managers have questions and want to get to know applicants as well as possible. TimeForge Applicant Tracking allows hiring managers to enter in a questionnaire so that they can get the answers needed before going into the first interview. Questions can be defined–whether they’re required or not–and input open ended or multiple choice answers in an easy to use interface.

Schedule Steps

As hiring managers are going through the employee hiring process, TimeForge Application Tracking offers the ability to schedule steps for the upcoming activities that need to be completed. Need to schedule a second interview? TimeForge allows hiring managers to put in the date an applicant should be called to schedule the interview and your step will switch to Needs Attention when that date arrives.

Establish Consistency Between Interviewers

Some businesses have multiple interviewers and sometimes the hiring manager can’t be at every interview. People have got stuff to do, right? So instead of having a stack of papers that can get lost easily or information that can be miscommunicated or forgotten, it’s easier to have all of the information and interviewer notes in one central location. Anybody who has access to the TimeForge Applicant Tracking will be able to see the notes that an interviewer has provided, making for a more consistent interviewing process.

Automatically Import Data

So the hiring manager is ready to hire an applicant? That’s great! TimeForge Applicant Tracking makes it easy to transfer information from the applicant tracking system into the TimeForge employee tracking system. All a hiring manager has to do is login, edit the applicant and click the big “Hire!” button. The applicant turns into an employee and all of their pre-hire documents transfer over into HR documents. This results in less paperwork which helps the hiring get back to what they really want to be doing!

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