When looking for a new employee to hire, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.  And that means a lot of paperwork.  Applicants send in resumes and cover letters, and then notes are taken during the interview process and those notes must be passed on if there is more than one interviewer.  It’s time consuming keeping track of each applicant, not to mention managing all the paper that comes along with them.  And not keeping applications organized could lead to the perfect potential employee being overlooked.

TimeForge Applicant Tracking simplifies the employee hiring process, reducing the amount of time spent looking for a new employee and making it easy to compare applicants to determine which one is the best fit for a business.  Ultimately, it saves time and reduces the labor cost often associated with a hiring manager sorting through applications.Applicant Tracking Interview Notes

Since TimeForge is an online software system, all information is stored digitally.  This includes any documents that may be involved in the employee hiring process, such as resumes and cover letters.

No longer will applications and interview notes become lost amongst a file of other applicants’ information.  Instead, the information is organized and accessible from any device that can connect to the world wide web.

Use TimeForge Applicant Tracking alone or with other TimeForge software to simplify labor management.  Not only does TimeForge keep track of applicants vying for a job, but it will also import them as an employee once hired so they can be scheduled immediately.

With TimeForge Applicant Tracking, job openings can be easily posted to Timeforge’s job board without leaving the TimeForge website.  Each posting details what category the job falls under (accounting, constructions, legal, etc.), the employment type, job description and requirements, salary, and salary type.

Using a job board helps promote a job opening and target the type of employee needed.  Also, posting a job opening on a job board creates a favorable first impression about a company.  Job boards make companies look professional and organized, and are therefore more appealing to potential applicants.

Once an applicant applies, TimeForge Applicant Tracking automatically imports their information and documents (such as cover letters and resumes) into the software as a new applicant.  From there, hiring managers can easily track an applicant’s progress through the use of application steps.  Steps can be scheduled for certain days and applicants can either pass or fail them, determining if they move on to the next round of the interview process.

While going through the application process, hiring managers can rank applicants based off of their impression of them, their resume, or their references.  This makes it easier to compare applicants at a glance, eliminating the need to spend countless hours pouring over resumes and trying to remember which applicant made a better impression.

Additional feature of TimeForge Applicant Tracking include:

  • Notes section for each step of the employee hiring process
  • Easy navigation to see which applicants require attention
  • Easy upload of application document

TimeForge Applicant Tracking saves hiring managers time when looking for a new employee, and provides them with the tools to find the best applicant for the job.  Not only does it simplify the hiring process, but it saves time and money.

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