Building employee schedules can be a time consuming and laborious task, and getting a schedule wrong means higher turnover and lower profits. With TimeForge, managers can quickly and easily review and post labor schedules, approve (or deny) time off, and manage employee shift swaps – all in a few seconds!

TimeForge Scheduling has been designed from the ground up to keep managers on the floor, not stuck in the back room working in Excel or on a clipboard!

TimeForge is a web-based employee scheduling and labor management system that ensures staff stay informed of any schedule changes with text messages, email messages, Facebook, and smart phone access (such as a Blackberry or iPhone) – automatically!

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  • Make schedules in under 30 seconds
  • Streamline work requests and availability
  • Schedule one or many departments
  • Track time off, vacation, sick, and PTO
  • Remotely check schedules from Facebook
  • Notify staff with email and text messages
  • Detailed reporting of labor costs
  • Easily manage overtime and double shifts
  • Compare scheduled time to actual labor costs!

More than 2,500 businesses around the world have used TimeForge to manage their labor – retail stores, restaurants, bars, clubs, pharmacies, valet companies, doctors offices, children’s health clinics, child care centers, churches, and many other businesses!

Build a Schedule in Seconds!

  • Ease to Use
    There is no software to install, and includes a fast web-based setup.
  • Cost-Effective
    Weekly schedules can be created in under a minute.
  • AutoScheduler
    Gives you and other managers more time “on the floor”.
  • Balanced Schedules
    Balance staff requests and labor requirements to create a perfect schedule.
  • Daily Reminders
    Staff members receive daily reminders about work schedules
  • Reduce Turnover
    Automatic labor management keeps staff happy, reducing turnover!
  • Automatic Notifications
    TimeForge automatically notifies staff of any schedule changes.
  • Control Costs
    Control labor costs with sophisticated reporting
  • Instant Return On Investment
    Instant ROI so you can focus on growing your business
  • Affordable
    TimeForge provides plans that are affordable for businesses of all sizes!

Employee Scheduling Software is also known as Labor Scheduling Software, and some companies refer to this type of software as Enterprise Employee Scheduling Software or Enterprise Labor Scheduling Software. Whatever your organization calls it, TimeForge Scheduling is the most powerful tool available to manage labor and control profits at your business! Read more about the capabilities of TimeForge Scheduling, or Sign Up for a Free Trial.

Download a TimeForge Media Kit, which contains more information about TimeForge Scheduling.

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