There a several small mistakes that liquor store owners and managers might easily make that can have a large impact on the bottom line, including:

  • Lacking a system to get rid of dead stock or slow moving items
  • Excessive buying (carrying too much stock for your sales volume)
  • Careless employee management

TimeForge can’t help you with slow moving inventory, but it can help you get a handle on employee management – saving you hours of scheduling every week and reducing your labor costs.

If you’re like many liquor store managers, you spend hours on employee scheduling and attendance monitoring. You’ve got to juggle employees with varying skill sets and availabilities, manage PTO accrual and time off requests, communicate a frequently changing schedule to employees that are rarely on site at the same time, and field dozens of schedule questions or shift swap requests. You’ve got to stop employees from riding the clock or punching others in.

To be really successful in the liquor retail industry, you also have to balance your employees and your busy times. You need to have the staff   in place to handle your customers during busy periods, but to not be overstaffed in slow times, and you need to effectively manage and anticipate labor costs.

It’s complex, it’s time consuming, and frankly, it’s tedious.

TimeForge intelligently automates much of that busy work for you, giving you the time (and the reporting) you need to fine-tune your schedule and forecast your labor costs.

With TimeForge you can:

  • Painlessly create an employee schedule-for one or many locations-in minutes.
  • Schedule those with the most experience in your high volume time slots.
  • Notify employees of upcoming schedules and schedule changes by email or text message-reducing missed shifts and disgruntled employees.
  • Review daily sales information, important things that happened during the day, approve shift swaps, review employee requests for time off, and monitor employees on the clock either on site or remotely, through the TimeForge website, via a Smartphone (such as a Blackberry or iPhone), and even through a Facebook account.
  • Monitor attendance-either on site or remotely, using the web, a cell phone, or even Facebook.
  • Easily try out several “what-if” scheduling scenarios (and return to your saved schedule without redoing it.
  • Stop employees from clocking in before the shift starts or after the shift ends or punching in friends.
  • Export payroll to many popular payroll providers with a single click.
  • Monitor and forecast labor costs-with nearly 3 dozen reports and real-time monitoring.

TimeForge allows liquor store owners and managers to cut scheduling and attendance monitoring time from hours to minutes. It provides not only the time, but the tools you need, to carefully manage your labor costs. In fact, TimeForge can increase liquor store profits by 3-5%.

TimeForge is a complete labor management solution for the liquor industry, providing one-click seamless access to employee scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll reports. Use the whole TimeForge product suite, or only the parts that your business requires.

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