As a dance studio owner or manager, you have plenty on your plate. Scheduling classes and performances, billing, dealing with students (and their parents), hiring and training, marketing, taxes and financial management- there aren’t enough hours in the day to handle it all with the expertise and attention to detail you would like.

In difficult economic times, you not only have to do it all, you have to do it well.   Smart studio managers know that recessions are the best time to streamline processes- both to save money and to give yourself the time to focus on the strategies that will keep your studio afloat (and successful) through trying times.

Staff scheduling is a prime example. Dance studio employee scheduling isn’t easy. You have to manage employees with different areas of expertise, varying availability (as well as accrued PTO, time-off or class swap requests) and available hours. You have to consider all these factors to schedule your employees efficiently, while providing class coverage in times that appeal to your students. This rarely results in an easy 9-5 schedule, but it’s vitally important.

Over-staffing costs you money.

Under-staffing costs you students.

It’s a fine line, and achieving it is time-consuming and tedious. You can easily spend hours in a backroom creating a balanced, fair, and cost-effective schedule, only to have a last minute shift swap, illness, or time-off request make you start all over again. Often, the hours spent on scheduling don’t include the time you spend communicating the schedule (and any updates to it) to the employees, monitoring attendance, or trying to deal with absent or late teachers due to schedule confusion.

Luckily, there is a cost-effective, time-saving solution. TimeForge can cut your employee scheduling and attendance monitoring time from hours to minutes.

Additionally, the ability to manage schedules at one or many locations, schedule those with stronger skills in the high volume time slots, and monitor and forecast your labor costs helps TimeForge increase dance studio profits by 3-5%.

Consider the ability to simply integrate payroll systems, notify employees of upcoming schedules and schedule changes automatically by email or text message (and the resultant drop in late or absent employees), and the ability to focus your energies on the urgent duties facing a dance studio owner or manager on any given day (rather than mind-numbing scheduling minutia), you’ll probably find that the time saved during the first week alone pays for the investment of TimeForge.

With TimeForge, you’ll be able to:

  • Build complex employee schedules in seconds.
  • Easily schedule your most experienced employees (or those with particular skill sets) at your peak busy times.
  • Inform employees of schedules or schedule changes by text message or email-eliminating employee confusion and missed shifts.
  • Record staff member availability, employee time off requests, and other key information.
  • Export payroll to many popular payroll providers with a single click.
  • Stop early clock ins and late clock outs or buddy punching to provide immediate labor cost controls.
  • Remotely check on employees that are clocked in – using the web, Facebook, or a smart phone.
  • Provide remote access for employees to view work schedules, review timecards, request time off, change work availability, swap shifts with other staff members, and receive daily schedule alerts via email or text messages.
  • Manage and forecast labor costs to decrease costs and increase profits.
  • Increase dance studio profits by 3-5%.

TimeForge is an essential (and easy-to-use) labor management software for dance studio managers, but if you’re still not convinced, read what other TimeForge users say about the time and money they’ve saved with this easy to use staff scheduling software… or sign up today for your free trial and experience TimeForge for yourself!

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