Labor is usually the largest expense associated with running a Bowling Center. In fact, fine-tuning the scheduling of your employees and managing attendance with TimeForge can increase bowling center profits by 3-5%.

But many bowling center proprietors never get around to the labor management tasks that can have a real impact on the bottom line-things like monitoring attendance, forecasting labor costs (and keeping an eye on them in real time) and “what-if” scheduling calculations.

It’s no mystery: the routine, essential tasks like employee scheduling can be tedious and time-consuming, even for smaller, family-owned bowling centers. You have to juggle your employees’ specific availability, accrued PTO, time off or shift swap requests, meal breaks, and league or other busy times. If any of your employees are minors, you need to take special care to ensure compliance with labor regulations.

Then you have to communicate the schedule to all your employees, re-do it in the event of an unexpected illness or time-off requests, find someone to fill in for the absent employee, and communicate the changes-again!-to all the employees.

If it takes hours, you’re not alone.
Who has time to also monitor attendance to nip problems in the bud, forecast labor costs for better budgeting, analyze your schedule for potential under-or over-staffing problems, or calculate “what-if” schedules that could reduce labor costs?
With TimeForge, you have time.

TimeForge can cut the time spent doing necessary but tedious tasks like building an employee schedule or monitoring attendance from hours to minutes… really!

With TimeForge, you can:

  • Build efficient employee schedules for one or more locations-in minutes.
  • Export payroll to many popular payroll providers with a single click.
  • Notify employees of schedules or schedule changes by text message or email-eliminating employee confusion and missed shifts and reducing turnover.
  • Record staff member availability, employee time-off  requests, and other key information.
  • Stop early clock ins and late clock outs or buddy punching to provide immediate labor cost controls.
  • Remotely check on employees that are clocked in-using the web, Facebook, or a cell phone.
  • Provide remote 24/7 access for employees to view work schedules, review timecards, request time off, change work availability, swap shifts with other staff members, and receive daily schedule alerts via email or text messages.

TimeForge gives you the tools you need to easily do the tasks that can make the difference between success and failure in these tight economic times. You can do things like:

  • Scheduling your most experienced employees during your busiest times.
  • Getting notifications of potential labor shortages automatically.
  • Monitoring your labor costs-in real time.
  • Taking advantage of nearly 3 dozen different reports to keep an eye on labor costs and scheduling trends.
  • Using your existing staff more efficiently in order to avoid layoffs or unnecessary hiring.
  • Trying out various “what-if” scenarios to visualize staffing or schedule changes-without losing your original schedule.

TimeForge is a complete labor management solution for bowling centers, providing one-click seamless access to employee scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll reports. You can use the whole TimeForge product suite, or only the parts that your bowling center requires.

If you’re still not convinced, read what other TimeForge users say about the time and money they’ve saved with this easy-to-use staff scheduling software… or sign up today for your free trial and see for yourself.

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