Even before the recession hit, successful boutique owners knew that competition with chain stores required using advertising and purchasing clout for impeccable buying, superior customer service, and careful employee management.

All three of these things are essential and require skill, but most boutique managers will tell you that the most time consuming and tedious of the three is employee management.

Do you spend hours every week in the backroom building complex employee schedules, juggling multiple part-time employees, their skill sets and availability, labor laws, meal breaks, PTO accrued, trying to staff for your store’s busiest times without over-staffing in the quiet times… and then doing it all over again when someone asks for unexpected time off or a shift swap?

Do you dread communicating the schedule (and updates about meetings, trainings, shift changes) to all the employees; monitoring employee attendance (not just scrambling to address the missed shift when someone says they didn’t get the schedule update, but the early clock ins or buddy time clock punching, as well); trying to stay abreast of daily sales or important in-store occurrences; and accurately forecasting future labor needs and costs?

You are not alone.

Deft retail employee scheduling and attendance monitoring is important, but it isn’t easy. Over-staff and you lose money. Under-staff and you lose customers.

TimeForge allows boutique owners and managers to cut employee scheduling and attendance monitoring time from hours to minutes, so you spend your time more productively in the front of the store.

In challenging economic times, TimeForge’s ability to schedule those with stronger skills in the high volume time slots and to monitor and forecast your labor costs can increase retail profits by 3-5%.

Additionally, the ability to notify employees of upcoming schedules and schedule changes by email or text message (reducing late or absent employees), to integrate with POS or payroll systems, and the ability to focus your energies on the urgent duties facing a boutique manager on any given day (rather than mind-numbing scheduling minutia), you’ll probably find that the time saved in the first week alone pays for the investment.

With TimeForge, boutique managers can:

  • Create complex employee schedules in just a few minutes.
  • Notify employees of schedules, schedule change, meetings or training by text message or email-eliminating employee confusion and missed shifts.
  • Stop employees from clocking in before the shift starts or after the shift ends, and from punching in friends.
  • Export payroll to many popular payroll providers with a single click.
  • Review daily sales information, approve shift swaps, review employee requests for time off, and monitor employees on the clock (either on site or remotely), through the TimeForge website, via a Smartphone (such as a Blackberry or iPhone), and even through social networking sites (like your Facebook account).
  • Monitor labor costs in real-time and accurately forecast future labor needs-and costs.
  • Increase profits by 3-5%.

If you are still not convinced, read what TimeForge users say about the time and money they’ve saved with this practical labor management software. Or sign up for a free 10-day trial today to discover for yourself how quickly this easy-to-use software will get you out of the back room.

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