Intelligent labor management is vital for bookstores, because your staff is what differentiates you from big box stores or online giants. However, labor costs are also one of the biggest expenses a bookstore faces.

Any retail manager will tell you that employee scheduling is a headache, but in the beleaguered bookselling industry, employee scheduling is particularly challenging. Multiple shifts, part-time employees (each with their own set of scheduling requests), and   endless inquiries about next week’s schedule (or worse, a missed shift), all compete for a your attention, along with the strategic issues necessary to keep a bookstore afloat in these troubled economic times.

Deft scheduling and attendance monitoring is tedious and time-consuming, and absolutely essential.

Luckily, TimeForge allows bookstore managers to cut scheduling and attendance monitoring time from hours to minutes. Really!

Your staff will love it. With TimeForge, they can:

  • Be informed of schedules, meetings, and any updates by text message or email
  • Review work schedules, view time cards, request time off, change their upcoming availability, swap shifts with other employees, and set up daily schedule alerts via text messaging or email via a 24/7 employee portal.

You will love it. TimeForge reduces turnover and missed shifts.

With Time Forge you can:

  • Create an employee schedule-not matter how complicated-in minutes (literally).
  • Schedule your most experienced employees at your busiest times.
  • Easily try out several “what-if” scheduling scenarios (and return to your saved schedule without redoing it.
  • Monitor attendance-either on site or remotely, using the web, a cell phone, or even Facebook.
  • Review daily sales information, important things that happened during the day, approve shift swaps, review employee requests for time off, and monitor employees on the clock either on site or remotely, through the TimeForge website, via a Smartphone (such as a Blackberry or iPhone), and even through a Facebook account.
  • Stop employees from clocking in before the shift starts or after the shift ends or punching in friends.
  • Export payroll to many popular payroll providers with a single click.
  • Monitor and forecast labor costs-with nearly 3 dozen reports and real-time monitoring.

TimeForge doesn’t just save time, it gives you the tools to easily fine-tune your labor management and save money. In fact, TimeForge can increase bookstore profits by 3-5%.

TimeForge is an essential (and easy-to-use) labor management software for bookstores, but if you are still not convinced, read what TimeForge users are saying here.

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