Bicycle retailers trying to stay ahead in this tumultuous economy have a tough road to navigate. Consumers are skittish, sales are down, and costs are skyrocketing. The line between surviving and thriving is thin, but savvy bicycle retailers know that the path to success lies in keeping costs low and streamlining their processes so they have time to strategize through tough times.

Luckily, TimeForge can accomplish both of those things.   How much time do you spend creating a schedule? If you said “hours” you’re not alone. If you are a bicycle retailer, you’ve had to build employee schedules that take a huge number of factors into consideration – your employees’ availability, expertise, accrued PTO, time off or shift swap requests, and the busy (and not so busy) times in your shop.

Then you have to communicate the schedule to your employees, redo the schedule in the event of an unexpected illness or time-off request (and find someone to fill in for the absent employee), and then communicate the updates to all the employees.

It’s complex, it’s time consuming and it’s tedious. But it’s very important. Over-staff and you lose money. Under-staff and you lose customers.

Babysitting the time clock to ensure your employees aren’t riding the clock or punching each other in isn’t much fun either, but successful managers know that attendance monitoring can go a long way toward cutting and forecasting labor costs.

TimeForge can cut the time spent building an employee schedule and monitoring attendance from hours to minutes.

And in both prosperous and challenging economic times, the ability to manage schedules at one or many locations, schedule those with stronger skills in the high volume time slots, and monitor and forecast your labor costs makes TimeForge not just a time-saver but a budget-booster. In fact, TimeForge can increase store profits by 3-5%.

Add in the ability to integrate simply with Point of Sale and payroll systems, to notify employees of upcoming schedules and schedule changes by email or text message (and the resultant drop in late or absent employees), and the ability to focus your energies on the urgent duties facing a retail manager on any given day (rather than mind-numbing scheduling minutia), you’ll find that the time saved first week alone pays for the investment.   Your business will profit with TimeForge!



Some of TimeForge’s Benefits for Bike Retailers Include…

  • Create complicated employee schedules – in minutes, not hours.
  • Inform employees of schedules, schedule change, meetings or training by text message or email – eliminating employee confusion and missed shifts.
  • Review daily sales information, important things that happened during the day, approve shift swaps, review employee requests for time off, and monitor employees on the clock either on site or remotely, through the TimeForge website, via a Smartphone (such as a Blackberry or iPhone), or through Facebook.
  • Stop employees from clocking in before the shift starts or after the shift ends, and stop employees from punching friends in early.
  • Export payroll to many popular payroll providers , such as SurePayroll, ADP, Quickbooks, CompuPay, and Paychex with a single click.
  • Monitor and forecast sales in order to accurately predict employee work schedules and labor costs.
  • Increase same-store profits by 3-5%.
  • And much more…

Best of all, TimeForge is easy-to-use – you’ll save hours immediately, without weeks of training and complicated set-up processes. If you are still not convinced, read what some TimeForge users say here. Or sign up for a free 10-day trial today to discover for yourself much time and money you can save every week.

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