TimeForge provides employee scheduling and online labor management systems to many industries, including retailers such as car washes, gyms / health clubs, footwear, children’s retail, aquatics centers and pools, auto supply stores, beer and liquor stores, wineries, general apparel, and other retail businesses.

TimeForge builds staff schedules instantly, manages time and attendance and other payroll expenses, and communicates all schedule changes automatically with staff members, reducing turnover and improving retention for the business.

Businesses profit with TimeForge!

Car Washes

Auto Supply Stores

Managing a car wash, either a conveyor or self-service, can quickly turn into a management nightmare when the schedule is confusing, or labor costs are not kept under budget.TimeForge simplifies car wash labor management and allows managers to quickly build employee schedules while tightly controlling labor costs. Accurate control of labor at auto supply stores is often the difference between a profitable business, and being out of business. Management must constantly monitor labor, ensuring that costs are in budget, the staff schedule is accurate, and that staff knows when to work.TimeForge quickly builds schedules for auto supply store operators, while providing insight into labor costs.
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Aquatics Centers and Pools

Childrens Retail

Profitable pool and aquatics center operations require an excellent understanding of labor costs and employee scheduling. Successful operators keep retention high, turnover low, and improve the bottom line.TimeForge provides simple online aquatic employee scheduling that controls labor for pool and aquatics operators. Childrens Retailers operate on razor thin margins while constantly juggling labor costs, inventory, and the many other necessary expenses to run a profitable operation.TimeForge removes the pain involved with labor management at childrens retailers. Accurate employee schedules are produced with one-click, and labor costs can be controlled, leading to a more profitable operation.
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Footwear Retail

Gyms / Health Clubs

Managing labor costs at footwear retail operations can be complicated with high employee turnover and tough economic turmoil.TimeForge eases labor management for footwear operators with fast employee scheduling, labor cost controls, and simple staff communications. Accurate control of labor costs at a gym or health club is often the difference between being out of business, and being a profitable business.TimeForge quickly builds staff work schedules for gym / health club operators, while providing continuous insight into daily labor costs.
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Grocery Stores

Bike Retail

Managing the labor and staff schedules at a grocery store is similar to herding cats or hitting a moving target – it’s a management nightmare.TimeForge stops the pain for grocery managers, and introduces easy-to-use labor management controls while generating employee schedule and monitoring labor costs in real time. Managing and operating a bike retail shop is hard, time consuming, and can be a constant fight to maintain profit margins.TimeForge eases the management burden by reducing labor costs and putting profits back into the business – rapidly building schedules, reducing turnover, and providing instant labor savings controls.
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Marinas and Boat Houses

Dance Studios

Managing labor costs for marinas and boat houses is only one of dozens of management duties facing operators on a daily basis.TimeForge simplifies labor management for marinas and boat houses with fast and easy staff scheduling, integrated labor cost controls, and automated staff communications. Dance studio employee scheduling isn’t easy. You have to manage employees with different areas of expertise, varying availability (as well as accrued PTO, time-off or class swap requests) and available hours. TimeForge makes scheduling for dance studios easy.
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