TimeForge is a best-of-breed restaurant employee scheduling and online labor management system for restaurants, bars, clubs, and grills. It also works with your Dinerware POS system to stop employees from riding the clock, enforce posted employee schedules, and provides rapid communications between managers and staff members. Use TimeForge labor management to decrease turnover, increase retention, and improve the profits at your business.

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How it works – Dinerware POS and TimeForge

TimeForge is a web-based system that becomes a direct extension of your Dinerware POS software. During the day, Dinerware and TimeForge “synchronize” information that is necessary to manage the labor at your business. Sales data and time and attendance information is sent to TimeForge, and schedule information is sent to Dinerware to provide a seamless and easy to use workforce management solution. Access to TimeForge data is provided for employees and managers through an easy to use web interface, Facebook, or a compatible smartphone (such as a Blackberry or iPhone).

Increase your Restaurant Profits

TimeForge will increase profits at your business with improved labor cost controls. Directly monitor and control labor costs and stop employees from riding the clock or clocking in early for scheduled shifts when combined with Dinerware POS. Enforce the labor schedule with the click of a button. Indirectly control labor by reducing turnover and improving retention stop spending money training employees! Improve the bottom line with an instant Return On Investment.

Text Messages, Facebook, and Online Communications

Employees stay happy when kept in the loop! Retention at your business will stay low when staff members know what is expected of them, and can schedule both their personal and their work lives. Using TimeForge, employees can use TimeForge to swap shifts with coworkers, change availability, view their time card, or request time off. Employees also receive email and text messages about any schedule changes. Staff information can be viewed using the TimeForge website, a smartphone (such as an iPhone or Blackberry), or Facebook!

Fast Restaurant Employee Scheduling

Employee schedules your way! Build schedules every week, bi-weekly, or monthly. The back of house and front of house can use the same schedule, or separate schedules. Use departments, add rules for scheduling minors or seniors, and input required certifications. The TimeForge AutoSchedulerâ„¢ learns how managers and supervisors build employee schedules, and automatically creates schedules that adhere to the best labor management techniques while reducing labor costs.

Employee Schedule Enforcement and Remote Monitoring

With TimeForge, management has the tools necessary to monitor when staff members are clocking in and out. Staff members can be required to clock in and out of Dinerware within a “grace period”, providing managers with a one-click override when your business requires more staff on the clock. Management can monitor who is clocked in with the use of RSS feeds, a compatible smartphone (such as a Blackberry or an iPhone), or through Facebook.

Compare Employee Schedules and Attendance to Sales

TimeForge synchronizes sales at your business, employee schedules, and staff member attendance. The TimeForge sales module accurately forecasts the upcoming sales, and can predict usage needs for Dinerware menu items as well! Use the forecasted sales figures to manage employee time off and changes to availability, order inventory items, and schedule for future needs.

Two Products, One Database

TimeForge calls and reports directly to your Dinerware system, and positions, employees, attendance, and sales are automatically synchronized between Dinerware POS and TimeForge – no duplications and nothing extra to back up. Need to make a change? Just change it in Dinerware, and the changes are automatically sent to the TimeForge website during the next synchronization! TimeForge extends the capabilities of your Dinerware system and there is no duplicate functionality.

Instant Return On Investment

The TimeForge-Dinerware Bridge is built from the ground up to ensure a fast Return On Investment for your business. Managers keep track of labor costs through payroll reports, schedule enforcement, and fast employee schedules. Employees are always in the know, and can help build schedules by being in the loop and providing constant feedback. When integrated with Dinerware, TimeForge improves business profits and increases retention while reducing turnover.

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